Flor gazania

Flor gazania


17 thoughts on “Flor gazania

  1. Please don’t take this as a criticism; I love the photos! They’re actually spectacular! The problem is, I don’t know what inspired you, where you were or what settings you used on your camera… Just by providing a little info. (just the facts please), your readership should improve. Not that you aren’t doing just splendid now! However, your readership will drop if people begin to believe you must be getting these pictures from somewhere else… Beautiful shot BTW. Keep up the great job you’re doing, and just a sprinkle of what’s what. :O)

    • This is my blog, and my photos are inspired by the admiration I feel for nature and its beauty. In my profile I make emphasis on it. All photos that are on my Blog are taken by me, not by anyone else. They are photos of my trips, walks, hikes etc.

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