Shine On award

Shine on Award

 “This award is for the blogs that shine, make you feel good and are inspiring to the reader.”

Thank you very much to aristonorganic by nominating for this award: ” Shine On”

Beautiful Award, thanks! 🙂

I have the pleasure to nominate for “Shine On” award:

1. Wavelet

2. Lichtyears

3. Linda Makiej Photography 

4. Greenhorn Photo

5. Photo Run 

6. PhoPort

7. Pedro Holderbaum

8. CIGUDEG pleis bilong tu mi

9. Aristonorganic

10.  Gaston Bessette Photographie

11. Caleephotography

12. Mowgly, Nani y Cia

13. Maxima

Congratulations to all! 🙂



19 thoughts on “Shine On award

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  2. Congratulations to you Award! I am delighted to hear that you nominated and considered me on your list. However, as much as I wish I could receive, I can’t because, I already did. My sincerest apologies. Let’s give the awards to those who haven’t gotten

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